Tuesday, November 24, 2009

October 26, 2009

Hey everyone,

Well its another week down, and I think the last of the weeks, that I am going to have too much time to write. You see we are going to start the month of sacrfice again, and im pushing for having the months of sacrifece until next January. But, lets see ill get you caught up on our plans. My companion and I (He was a bit reluctant but agreed) are going to go for 10 baptisms in the next 3 weeks, and then we are going to start trying to find people who are ready, to be baptised in December. We are going to try to go for 13 baptisms in the first week of December. You see we have a goal we are working towards called a white Christmas. We are going to try to have a white out Christmas by having all the people who are ready to be baptised, in white baptismal clothes in December. It should be pretty cool. As well, as every comp is going to try for 13 baptisms, and if we can, we should be able to have 1000 baptisms in December, But do not worry, we have many rules layed down, and there will not be any baptisming people who are not listos.

Well other than that, we had a baptisms again this week. The guy was very excited to be a member, and always has the biggetst smile on his face.

Lets see, other than that I cant think of much else, and I am just about out of time, so I will try to work very hard this week, so that I have more to write home next week.

Love you all,
Elder Paul


Thank you for the letter, ya the mission is a great expericence, but I sure am learning a very good lesson. Ha you see I used to hear people say the mission was the best two years of their lives, and I used to confuse that with the "funnest two years" or maybe even " easiest two years" Wow have I found out I had no idea. This is definatly not easy, and it has alot of times, that maybe its not the funnest, but It is the best. Thank you for your example always!


I have a little storry for you that I think you would like. It is about an eagle and chickens. You see a mama chicken was out with her chicks one day when they saw an eagle flying high overhead. She decided that she wanted her chickens to be like that eagle. Well the baby chickens were sent up the moutain to learn. THe Eagle told them they needed to spread there wings and jump. The chiks explained " We are chickens, we dont fly we walk!" The eagle again explained to them what they needed to do. After a few minutes the baby chickens, started to flap their wings, and soon they were flying high in the air, just like any other bird, as marvelous and brillant as any eagle. After a long day of learning, and much excitment they returned to the moutain, excited to tell there mom. THey then continued to WALK down the moutain and WALK home. I realy like this lesson because alot of times we have experiences that change us, that make us excited to work, and to help others. And we have the desire, and sometimes in the moment start to do so. But so many of us, many times in our lives, like those little chicks, end up Walking home, note using anything that we learned, and return to our old lives again. Hope you like it, lol it is still a work in process! ha


Freak bro write me, I need to know what is up! were you planning on heading off two, how is school, the girls, Cali? I love you bro!


Hey I know you have had some hard times lattly, and I think we talked about alot of them, but keep in there little sister. Your strong, and dont forget it. Just stay close to your Heavenly Father, especially rite now. THis last year of High School will be fun, but be sure to keep him in on all your decisions! Hey so Logan next year huh? Sounds sweet! I love you little sis!


Wow not only the first ever cross country runner in the family, but the first real forensics girl as well! I am pretty excited I will be able to see ya in a year or so, and you can show off your mad skills! I hear your a fast runner, That a girl! Keep it up Heidi, you have always been such a nice girl, and so very selfless! Dont ever lose that! I know you are far from a baby, but you still are my baby sister! I love you Lots Baby sis!

Well I love you all lots, and hope you all have a great week!
Elder Paul

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