Tuesday, November 24, 2009

November 4, 2009

Hey everyone,

First off sorry this is late. We did not have any time at all on MOnday due to cleaning a school here. It was crazy hard work! But I think the kids will realy love what we have done! But wow, I hope everyone appreciates what we have in our school system there in the US! BUt we cut grass( with machetis), trimmed trees, moved rock piles, layed cement, cleaned class rooms, fixed desks, painted, and cleaned out ALOT of trash! But I think the whole neiborhood, was pretty excited to see us there cleaning.

Well then yesterday we were planning on writing realy quick, but ended up heading to Irapuato (Another City) For a zone conference. And were there quite sometime, and then all afternoon we had um, i dont remeber the word, but Citas. Um like lessons set up with people.

Well the zone Conference was AWESOME! I cant remeber having one ever so fun, and so useful! We had the usual start, recognizing, birthdays, baptisms, and the elders returning home. We then started to practice. We practiced, lessons, contacts, and knocking doors. It was great, Pres was rite in the middle, helping us all, and giving us all examples. He and I did one example, were we kinda ended up just jocking around, and I searched his suit jacket to make sure he was not a cop (Ha long story made short) But, I had a talk with pres, got a couple worries, off my chest, and everything seems realy good with him! I feel realy good about things. We also talked alot about what kind of baptisms are in the Name of Jesus Christ, and any "shady" baptisms are not of him!

Lets see, well this last week has been REALY tough! We have worked very hard, and did not see many results for it. I was feeling realy down, when a member told me that I had know Idea what results were did I? Lol I looked at her stunned, and she told me to look at the ward, how much more they are trying to help, and How they want to do things again, and that if I cant see the results, I must be blind. Ha, Well she was very strait forward, but it was good to hear! ha

Lets see, I do not think I have said much about my new companion. His name is Elder Perez. He is from Montery, Mexico. He is 19 years old, and looks chinese (to me) He is a good guy, and we both have alot of learning to do, but get along well. He is also helping me realy, get rid of my problem I have with my Pride! ha it is tough at times.

Lets see, I have also started teaching free english and piano classes. THey are realy fun. I think I would realy like to teach english at nights someday, to people trying to learn. It is definatly fun, they get frustrated at times, because I try to speak mostly english with them, they are learning realy quick, and I cant believe how fast they are picking it up. THey definatly wont be ready to write a book any time soon, but they are learning to have simple conversations! And piano lessons are fun too. I have the simplified himbook in spanish along with a book on were notes are and how to read them. And the two classes are realy drawing in investagators!

I think that is about it, other than that we are still working hard, and hoping that we will be able to meet all our goals or die trying (ha and with the air here maybe both! ha that is just a joke!)Well I hope everything is going well there at home. Man I cant believe how much emily and heidi have changed in the last year or so! It is crazy! Please let ben and everyone else know I would love more pics of all them!

I love you all
Elder Paul

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