Tuesday, November 24, 2009

October 12, 2009

Ok, Well I am going to see if I can get everything all caught up for everyone! Well THings are going good. But I am WORn Out. I decided awhile back that it was silly for me to keep worrying about all the bad things that were going on, if I was not trying with all my might to spread more good. So for the past two weeks (Since the change started) I have been getting up a half hour earlier to excercise, and then to study, so we can get out of the house earlier! As well as, Well I guess Elder Gray told you, I am a leader again, and I have a companion that I am training. So I usualy get to bed at about 11 or so. (I get up at about 5:30 or 6 each morning! ) Well we are working VERY hard, and have broken a record here in our area. Well two to be exact. You see before the most investagators in to come to our ward in a week was 4. This past sunday we made it to 11. THey are all way amazing, and are realy great to watch progress and learn. As well as in our little ward, we have been at about 50-60 people attending. This past week we had 90 people in the church, all content, and having a great time. So even though I think I am more tired than I have ever been, well things are going Pretty Good!

Ya Elder Gray is a great guy! We had a knew rule put in that we cant call Elders that are not in our zone. Probably because of me and Gray getting things going, lol but ya he is great! Please tell him hi! And let him know who i am doing! I am planning on going to alaska for a week shortly after we get back to go chill with him, and then he plans to head out with us!

So lets see. Well we had our zone conference, and it went realy good. We are realy going to start focusing on trying to help the memebers help us. It should go very good I think. We are going to have less time, talking about nothing with members, and more time, helping them spread the Good word! (The Gospel :) )

So in the conference we had a little example, were they put a few of us elders up to arm wrestle. Lol you will be excited to know I went undeafeated against everyone, and against my last one (A very BIG tongan) we went at it for about 10 minutes before he gave in, but both of our arms were pretty sore afterwards.

Well lets see, Rite now we are teaching alot of people. Including one family that are Jehovas witnesers. Who they i would have to say are the hardest to teach. It is realy hard for them to open their heart alot of times, and realy try to feel what is true. I think that happens with alot of us alot of times. We get too interested, in wanting proof that we do not let our faith work for anything. Its crazy how many things I am learning here! ha

So I have good news and bad news. The bad news first is that I still do not have tennis shoes. And that leads to the good news. We have been teaching a family that the parents are not married. Well it is a commandment that we need to be married to the man or woman we are leaving with, and they wanted to live the commandment, but didnt have the money to get the papers they needed to be married. Well I am just letting you know the money went to very good use! I helped them out, it was about 75 dollars in the end, but they are very happy, and I will send you pitures of the wedding. It was very pretty, and they are way happy. Dont be upset, I have decided that I dont need tennis yet, and that that was probably a much better use of my birthday money! I am not saying it proudly, but so that you guys know how much you helped to change a young couples lives!

Well things, are going much better in the mission. I have tried to put alot more effort into changing my own life, but things are realy looking alot better! Thank you for so much support you have giving me, and please tell Elder Hinkley, We are working hard, to get things going good!

Well I dont know if you guys sent the package yet, but since it didnt come in zone conference, i am thinking there is a chance you havnt. So I am going to see if I can throw in a request. I have the electric razor we bought at walmart. It is not one with a round head but with the flat head, and I think it is the cheaper of the two. It says you need to change the blades every year, and with my THICK THICK beard :) its starting to not cut! Is there any way you can see if you can find the replacment blades for it? And if you can believe it, I actully do get a 5 oclock shadow. Ok, maybe more of a 6:30 prickle, but its getting there! Also my second request. Could you send athlete foot spray. They dont have it here, and everyone has realy ugly feet, and I realy dont want that, so that one is kinda an emergency! And last, did you ever talk to Dentist Robertson, about my teath, and if there is anything I can do. They are not bad at all, but I am just nervous of them getting bad, because I am starting to lose weight again!

I love you all very much, and cant wait to hear from everyone. How is everyone, and could you please send me pictures of the family, and of Zoee Zaylee, and ashton?

I love you all,
Elder Paul

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