Tuesday, November 24, 2009

November 9, 2009

Hey everyone, another change down! Can you believe I only have 7 changes left! I realy dont like thinking that I have so little time left. Well my last comp got changed just today. He was a good guy, but I cant say that I am going to miss his presence a ton. Especially with the new comp and the other elder in the other area that just got here today. My new companion is Elder um.... I dont remeber his name, if you know me too well you will know that is not too wierd for me not to remeber a name, and i dont want to ask him to turn around or tell me his name, so he is not offended, so I will get back to you on his name. The other Elder who came, who has been here with us all day is Sua. He is from Cali, and is way tite! We have just been talking alot today while we have been washing, and ya, im excited to have them here. We have some big plans, and are going to try to baptise 30 people between us two in December. (ONly if the people are ready)

Other than that, there is not to much else new. We are going out to eat tacos tonight. I am way excited because I have not had them in a way long time! And.... Well I guess that is pretty much it from me for this week. I will try hard to have more things to talk about next week!

I love you all tons, and keep the letters coming!
Elder Paul!

Mi compa es Elder Gomez! And I remebered all on my own!!

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