Tuesday, November 24, 2009

October 5, 2009

Good Monday to you all!

How is everyone doing? tHINGS are pretty good here in Samanca. Just warning you this may be short. I was just walking down the street looking in my wallet, when I SMASHED my head on a roof. Yes you heard me rite, a Roof! And ya like, my head hurts pretty good, and I have a huge lump, so I will probably not stay here in the internet too long.

Well I dont remeber if I told you that I got a new companion. HE is new and his name is Elder Perez, from monterey. He is pretty cool, lol but like alot, dont think that us americans know much! jaja But that is ok. The area is going alot better, and we are having alot more success. For General conference we have to travel about an our by bus to another city, to watch conference in a steak center over satelite. Ha Just think of bringing little kids to the stake center for 6 hours to watch all the sissioncs. But we had 5 invesagators go with us, so it was pretty cool!

Other than that we are working trying to get the members more involved in the work. Ha it has been fun, and we have an activity planeed. we are going to set up a movie at the church, and then have ever member bring a friend. We wont be talking about the church, but since they will be at the church, the subject is sure to come up. Kepp us in your prayers that we will have alot of success.

Lets see other than that there is not too much new. Except that i do~have a question. I have been told that it is fairly common when you lose alot of weight, but I have noticed, my teeth are starting to scruntch together, and the bottom ones are pretty bad. Could you ask Doc. Roberton if there is anything I can do to preven that, I would realy rather not get braces!!

I love you all lots,
Elder Paul

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