Tuesday, November 24, 2009

September 21, 2009

Hello its me!

Can you believe that I am going to be 21 in like 5 days! it is nuts to think about! I am actually kinda nervous! I feel like an old man! Mom thank you for the emails and letting me know what all is going on! I am still a bit confused at everything, so I am going to call up Pres Cox and ask if we can have a little meating. That is crazy that we have new bishop. Who is he?? Do i know bro. thompson? I still cant believe Bish. messer is now Pres. Messer! That is cool he will release me though! Mom could you ask him about the letter he wrote. I have not gotten any from him since well evertything started happing, but you had told me he had send one! So i never did get it. Well things here have actually been pretty tough this week. The small city thing is kinda hurting us rite now, because alot of freiends are trying to pull the people who want to do the write thing down. It is funny how that happens alot of times! Even with very good friends, sometimes, we do not want them to do or go for somthing better, and want them to just be happy with us, no matter what we are doing!

Lets see other than that I think the biggest news at that I finaly washed all my bed sheets. Seeing as they looked bad ( That is a big deal seeing as most missionaries never do that in there mission) Well I had to run them through about 4 times, and every time the water was a gross grey color, but I finaly have clean sheets, and it is pretty sweet!

Well other than that I had to give a talk yesterday in church, and like we do every time we talk we talked about the part of members in the mission work! It is funny how before the mission I thought it would be so hard to give a reference, but now its seems like it should be so easy! Well here are some interesting stats out of this months liahona. 1 out of 1000 doors knocked has someone who will be baptised. 600 out of every 1000 references are baptised! That is a 600% difference! And if every member were to bring a friend to church one time every year, in 10 years the whole world would be members! Kinda cool huh! Be sure to always try to help the Elders there at the house.

When Elder Bednar spoke to us he spoke about praying in faith. He said that when we pray, if we pray for the missionaries to find people, we are not praying in faith, because we are not praying to act, we are praying that someone is acted apon. I also (cant remeber the movie) but always have remebered a quote. In the quote it said that "If we pray for patience, do you think god zaps us with patience, or gives us the oppurtunity to be patient. If we pray for bravery, does god just send it to us, or does he send us the oppurtunity to be brave." If we pray for missionary experiences, God probably is not going to send someone to your front door, in white clothes ready for baptisms, but will probably send you someone in your path to share with!

Well that is about all I have for this week.

P.S. mom I did get yours and Sister Grays emails, and I will get back to you as soon as I can!

I love you very much
Elder paul

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