Monday, November 16, 2009

August 24, 2009

Hey everyone,

Ok so another week down, well this week has been very good. The hardest part is still the stinking air, and water. Ok my new sity is call Salamanca, Mexico, I would sayit is like the size of mesquite. And wow it has a gas refinary, lke the size of Logandale. And man is it dirty. THere is a constant rise of thick BLACK smoke! And the funniest, is that everyday we find new birds that are just dead on the street. Ha the air is that bad, that birds actually just fall out of the sky! jaja

Oh by the with any mail or packages, you will ALWAYS send them to that one address I gave you. That is the address for the mission home, and then about once a month or twice, pres comes around to all the areas and gives them to us, it is much easier that way!

Can you all believe that next month is my b-day, it seems like just yesterday, I was back at home for my bday and getting ready to leave a week from that! Kinda nuts.

So lets see the area here is alot tougher than my old one. We have been knocking alot, and it is realy hard to find anyone, because everyone knows who we are already, so we are working on trying to get mor referances now. As well as I have been going through all the registros of all the old investagators. And that actually is working very well. We found one person who had been going to church in Texas, until he moved here last week. We found out from the elders up there that he had been going for a few months, and was living all the laws. He asked us to be baptised, and so Daniel Sanchez was baptised by me on Saturday. It was very cool, and he was crying he was so excited!

Other than that there is not much new. I love you all and hope all is going very well. Tell Emily To keep her head up, and if she is planning on waiting for the guy, to make sure she makes the best of life rite now, and just have fun her last year of freedom. Tell Ben I love him and hope to hear from him lots (Does he have a laptop?) Tell Heidi I am proud of her and her p blessing, and that I miss getting all of her emails! and could you see if jaycie got my b day card. I didnt know they were moving so I sent it to the last address that I recieved from them! And Dad, could you start writing my once in awhile in spanish?

I love you all,

Elder Paul

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