Tuesday, November 24, 2009

November 23, 2009

Hey everyone,

Well lets see if I can get everything caught up a bit. So my comp is Elder Gomez. He is way cool. Probably the first comp that we have not had ONE problem in three weeks. We work way good together, and things are going realy well. I am still here in Salamanca, MX. Were the air is..... just wonderful! ha There are four missionaries in this little town, and we usualy end up being with the others guys quite a bit. I think I already told you one of the other Elders is Elder Su`a. He is way cool, and is a sweet missionary.

Well lets see, I always liked hearing stories, so lets see if I can think of any cool ones to share. Lets see so about two weeks ago, my companion and I had just finished chalenging like 4 families, and we were realy having trouble putting down good baptismal dates. Well we both decided to say a pray. SO latter on my companion was knocking a door, and a man walked by me. I started contacting him, and for some reason I realy felt like I should talk about baptism. I gave him the third lesson rite there and challenged him. Well his name is Ivan and he told me his cousin is a member and he used to go to the church. Well we worked with him the two weeks, he went to church, and was baptised and confirmed yesterday a member. We have had alot of other baptisms together, but this one just seemed very special, because we asked and the lord answered. It was realy cool. Lets see I have another realy cool, but for reasons unknown to you guys, it will be one more of those awesome storries for after themission! Wich is in about 10 months. My companion and I are having break downs because we have such little tiempo left.

Well we had about 43 lessons this last week. It is not too bad, but we feel bad because we feel like with us both, and the fact that we both have time in our mission we can realy do better. We have decided that we are going to try to teach 75 lessons this week to investagators. It is a realy high goal but i am sure we can do it, and our goal is to have 50 new investagators this week. Neither of us have had that many, and i am pretty sure no one in the mission has, so hopefully if we are faithful, and obidient we can complete the goal. We have our goals written all of the house, as well as the quote from President Thomas S Monson that says, Pray as if everything depends on god, Work as if everything depends on you!

Well lets see other than that me and SuĂ  were talking about how different things are going to be when we go back. It is so hard for me to imagine things like Carpet, beds that go past my shins, Doors that I do not have to duck under, Stoves that do not explode sometimes, Turning on a water pump if there is no water in the house, having the lights go off all the time, and having to wake up at 6 to turn on the boiler to heat the water up. Ya i think it will be quite a shock. Well I love you all, and I am going to try to send off some picuters rite now!

I love you all,
Elder Paul

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