Wednesday, August 11, 2010

July 5, 2010

Hey everyone.

Well First off yes I did get knew shoes. Thank you so much for the money. It was realy cool, I found some shoes called hush puppies for realy cheap (They are some of the lightest and most comfritable shoes i have used) and since they were cheap I was able to buy some tennis shoes as well. They say that they are nikis on the side, but they are actually called Mikis here. They are the runoff version. They are nice though and in dollars cost about 10 bucks! We also had two more baptisms this week. The new president has gotten here to the mission, but my first time gettinig to see and talk to him will be tomorrow.

Our zone has been doing pretty good, we look like we should be doing realy good this week that comes, so we are probably not going to be in our own area much this week. Well Im sorry this is short, but i love you all, and happy july 4th.

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