Wednesday, August 11, 2010

August 2, 2010

Hey how is it going?

Well today is another great p day. FOr any of you counting I have 5 weeks left. It is a weird feeling. Well rite now I am sitting in the mission offices writing this. We have a 4 day leadership conference here in leon this week. So I will be heading back to my area in AguasJardienes at the end of the week.

We are trying to keep realy busy and keep the zone going realy well. I think that I told you that I got a new companion last week. He is a realy young guy, and realy excited but is still trying to learn everything. We have been trying to stay realy busy, and I have alony been able to work in our own area for about 2 and 1/2 hours. I have worked in every other area in the zone, and we realy are starting to get things going down here. Well my goal was to personaly teach 100 lessons weeks this week, but I fell alittle short. I was able to teach with many different companions 87 lessons. That is still my personal goal by alot! So It has been realy fun, and I have realy been able to see myself getting to know the lessons even better. Well other than that we had 1 baptism last week, we have 6 planned this week, and have 15 planned for the week after that. We are having quite a bit of success in our area, and Im way greatful for that, especially with the little time we have been able to work in our area. Oh, also we had a realy great experience this last sunday. We woke up early, and headed out to see people, and invite them to come with us. Well our goal, was to bring 15 inestegators to the church, well we were able to fine and bring 10 people with us to church. Well just after sacrament they opened the doors, and a Family of five that we had been teaching was there waiting to come in. It was realy cool, and they were all excited to be there.

Dad, thanks for looking into the school a bit, that would be great to find out a bit more, and it will help us all out a bunch!

Love you all,
Elder paul

P.S. I dont know if it will be possible but if mom would be willing to do enchaladas for the homecoming again, that would be amazing! I still remeber those at my farewell, and have been cravig them now for about 2 years! Thanks

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