Wednesday, August 11, 2010

July 12, 2010

Hey everyone,

Well the week has been crazy busy. We have set alot of goals, and it is getting harder and harder each day. Well we go to hear from our new prisdent this last week. He is realy a very cool different, and WAY different than President Cox. Well our zone meetings are now every 3 months. So this was my last zone meeting. I will be going to Leon tomorrow for zone leader meeting that will be 2 days, and then next week we head up again with all the District Leaders and trainers, and we are going to have a 4 day leadership training. It should be pretty crazy.

Other than that, we are now alowed to play sports. We challenged the other zone to a game, so we all got together at about 7 and started playing, and finished at 12. I dont know how many of you have played soccer, but 5 hours of it is realy something, but it was Great fun. Me and my comp are the two forwards, and In total we had 9 goals. And the Goal of the day. We even had people who came and reffed it. And just so you know, We smoked them!

Other than that we finaly got sent money to buy a fridge, so we make breakfast every morning again. So far we have had burritos, beans, french toast, and top romin. Thats about all that is new here, hope all is well on that side.

ELder paul

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