Saturday, August 28, 2010

August 23, 2010

This is part of an email Elder Paul sent to Ken and me:

Hey Mom and Dad,
Well things are going great. I am trying to work as hard as I can, but I wont lie I cant believe how nervous I am to go home. I can easly say it is alot easier for me to talk to 1000s of random in the street, than realy come home and well.... live. It just seems so crazy. So one of my goals I have set is to be much better with my money. I will realy need some of your help and training when I get home. I have a few different Ideas, id like to open 2 bank accounts. I want to put aside 10% for tithing and put 10% into permanent savings in one of the accounts every paycheck. Also any little jobs around town I would love to do. Also I had no idea that Logan is up in Logan. Can you find out if he would be interested in getting a shared room or appartment or anything. i think that would help us out alot! Well I love you tons, thanks again for everything,
Elder Paul

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