Saturday, August 28, 2010

August 23, 2010

Hey everyone,
Wow this has been a crazy week, and I am pooped. My companion was in Leòn all this past week, so i was going here and there and everywere. We have a goal in our zone of 42 baptisms this month. It would be a record for our zone. Well as of rite now we have 39 baptisms, and have 15 baptisms planned for this week in our zone. We also broke our record we set last week of 13 baptisms in one week by having 14 baptisms in one week. Our Elders have realy been working hard, and there work is realy showing. I talk ALOT with the Asits. and he told me that this is one of the first times he can ever think of a zone actualy completing with there goal. It has been nice to decide what we want, and just do everything to get it. My companion and I set a goal of 15 baptisms for this month. As of rite now we have 11 this month, and we have 3 planned for this week, so it looks like we may fall a little short of our goal. We are going to keep praying for a miracle like crazy, and then if we give it all and we come up one short, we know we did everything we realy could do. 
So I was talking to President del Valle the other day. Since I will be coming home one week after changes, he told me they were thinking about maybe putting me in Leon with them, but after talking he told me he was going to send me out to Salamanca, GTO. I dont know if you remeber but i was in Salamanca for about 8 months, and realy like the place. So it looks like next week I will be headed out there. The Missionaries are realy have a tough time finding inv. so I think I will be able to help them alot. I also have a few convert families who are preparing to go to the temple, so i will be able to see them, and wish them the best. So that should be good! 
Well other than that I am jsut trying to work hard, and finish out on top. 
I love you all,
Elder Paul

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