Wednesday, August 11, 2010

July 26, 2010

Hey everyone,
Well it has been a realy crazy week. We have had some Missionaries not getting along as well as they should, so we knew there was going to be some changes yesturday. But they didnt just do some special changes, they did complete changes. Elder Su`a was sent to another area for his last two weeks as Junior Companion. Dont worry, I know it sounds like we did something but we didnt. Pres said it is just because he goes home in two weeks, and this way I will have a full six weeks to train a new zoneleader. So that is who I have now, His name is Elder Martinez, he has Ten months in his mission, and is from Oaxacka. He is realy cool, but wow, way young and excited. It is pretty sweet, but he has alot to learn, and Man I have been sick with a head cold for the last like 4 days. It has been raining like crazy over here.
Well we have about 4 new Elders Over here now, and since we have only been in this change for about a week, I actualy have about 8 new Elders. We went from being one of the Oldest zones, to a very young one. Im the only missionary with more than a year here in my mission, so its alot but it will be fun. We ended up changing up the groupings of the district today to make sure everyone will be able to help each other. Tomorrow is our first meeting with the whole new zone, so we are going to present a new plan of 6 baptisms per Compa├▒ionship in August. This would be realy cool because we have never reached that goal over here. I am maininly going to be traveling and working with all the Elders, and my companion is going to focus and working with the other missionary in the companionship were I will be, working on our area. We have set our goal as 15, and we have 4 baptisms planned this month.
Well I love you all a ton,
Take Care,
Elder Paul

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