Saturday, August 28, 2010

August 16, 2010

Hey everyone,
For all you that have asked my eye is doing much better, and actually does not hurt anymore! It does seem that my vision is worse in that eye now, but hopefully it will get back to normal. Crazy huh, last weeks of the mission it happens. Well we are trying to stay as busy as possible. We set a goal of 50 baptisms in my zone for the month. We are pretty close, and I think we are going to be able to reach it this next week. My companion and I had 9 baptisms this last week! Just to put it simply, it was a WAY busy week! Well my comp went up to Leon to recieve the training that I recived last week. So I am going to be traveling alot this week! In the zone this last week we had 15 baptisms. That is also a record for this zone that we are in. ANd if we reach 50 that will be one. It is crazy what all we can acheive when we put down a goal, and do everyhting in our power to reach it. It has all and all been alot of fun!
I told you all about a family we were working with, a family of 5 last week. Well they were baptised on Friday, and honestly it was one of the greatest experiences I have had! THey asked me if I would baptise them, and a gratiously accepted. Well the spirit just hit SO strong when I baptised them. And we dont usually do this, but we let each one wait on the steps to see the other baptisms, and at the end we took a picture of all of them in the water! It was rely cool! so if i cant get that picture sent you will get it soon.
We also had two teenage girls we have been teaching and bringing to church. THere parents are not members but asked us to PLEASE do anything that we can do for them! Well the first time we taught them they asked me if I could maybe date them or anything. It was actually a great lead into the lesson. Well they have been realy learning alot and were baptised on Thursday!  They also asked me to baptise them. So well in the pictue we were standing there for the picture, and a member said, well this is your last chance to hug Elder Paul, well they both did it, and they took the picture, before I could say NO! Well you will see the picture!, Ha I think it was how Joseph in Egypt felt! :) Ha. But we explained it to them and they were baptised and confirmed on Sunday!
Well I think that is about it for this week, but we will see you all soon,
Love you,
Elder Paul

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