Wednesday, August 11, 2010

August 9, 2010

Hey everyone,

So how is it going? I cant tell you how weird of a feeling it was to relize yesterday was the 7th of August, and knowing I go home the 7th of September! Wow, crazy. So this last week, I went to Lèon on Sunday, and didn’t finish till Friday night. It was a lot of fun, and a lot of capacitations. We pretty much had 6 hours of capacitations each day, and then went out to work. It was realy fun, I ended up doing interviews for baptisms about the whole time. Those are one of my favorite things to do, and maybe even one of my specialties. It is realy fun to be able to get in and talk to someone who is realy scared about doing something new. Be able to explain to them, and help them feel the spirit. In some interviews the spirit is so strong, the people just start to cry. So it was realy fun to be able to do those all week, but defiantly those interviews and so many experiences like those wear ya out!

Well there in Leon we were eating a lot of salsa and chilly, well at some point I must have touched my eye, because I woke up the next morning and Not only was my eye HUGE, but I couldn’t see a thing. I had to go to the hospital AGAIN! Well we found a eye doctor, and he took a look, and found chilly in my eye. He was realy a good guy, had heard a little about the church, and I tought him the first lesson. Well He through a patch on my eye, and send me on my way. Well I will tell you what it is sure hard to do things with just one eye. I had such a hard time just doing things like eating. Well the next day I went back and got the eye patch removed, my eye I guess was burnt by the chilly, and got a little infection, but I have a cream to put in every once in awhile. The weird thing is that my vision is getting worse. He told me I may need glasses or contacts, so I may have to set up an appointment with Dr. Jensen at some point. But, the cool part, is That the Doc read part of the Book of Mormon, and He accepted a baptismal date, and Told me he would go to church on Sunday. So that was realy cool. I am going back up to leon on Tuesday so I am going to try and swing by and see how it went.

Other than that it was pretty tough starting on Saturday and finding out that the zone fell down a bit. But we have one family we are teaching. The Dad`s name is Miguel Angel. They are Awesome. Yesturday was their second time going to church. They realy like it a lot, and as a family they are in Mosiah reading the Book of mormon. They are a family of 5. We talked to them about temples yesterday and they are realy excited to go.

Well other than that there is not much new. Hopefully everything is going realy well up there, and I cant wait to see you all!

Elder Paul

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