Wednesday, August 11, 2010

July 19, 2010

Hey everyone,

Well I have my official date now. The president wrote me a letter and told me it is going to be Tuesday, the 7th of September. I do not know the time, but they order tickets six weeks before departure, so you should get a call sometime in this next week! Can You believe that I only have 7 weeks left? It is realy making me nervous, I cant tell you how fast weeks fly by here in the mission. 

My companion Elder Su´a is going home in just 3 weeks. That means I will be getting a new companion part way through this change. This week was changes, and we just finished getting our new Elders settled in today. We had ALOT of changes this change. E. Su´a and I are the only ones that stayed the same in the zone. So we had to get everyone off realy early this morning. Then we played some soccer, and then We got the new Elders. THe President is realy getting things cleaned up, our two District leaders are now goingto be Junior companions, and our new District leaders are pretty new. But that will be realy good.

Sorry I have not got pictures out for a long time. My camera has kinda taken a crash, and I have been trying to fix it for the last few weeks, but hopefully I can have it up and working again soon!

Lets see we also had concilio this past week. That is when all the zoneleaders go up to the offices in Leon. It was realy fun, and great to see how things are going to be changing in the mission. THey realy are working realy hard to make sure everything is going to keep going in the rite direction.
Well on the way home we were passing by the State border, when the IMN got on. THey are kinda like border patrol for Mexico. Well They were not too pleased to see me. They asked me for my papers, and my licence, wich I could not give them because they are all in the offices of the mission. They were not happy, told me about Arizona nd what they are doing there, took me off the bus, looked at my licence, and then had me just get back on. They realy were punks, but I think they realized that I probably was not here ILLIGALY! ha,

well I love ya all!
Elder paul

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