Thursday, June 17, 2010

May 24, 2010

Good Day,
Well it has been a pretty crazy. We had four missionaries living with us. Well do to alot of problems the last two days, they just ended up leaving this morning. It was a huge headache, but looks like we will be done babysitting them for awhile. Well ya this week has been realy good full of lots of work. We are going to have 13 baptisms this week. They are realy going to be sweet converts. I also had to have a talk with a bunch of members who just dont realy understand that we are here to work and nothing else.
Other than that we are just trying to keep ourselves very busy, it is realy freaking me out how soon the go home day comes. It is crazy you definatly see two types of missionaries going home here, there are those who cant wait to go home, and count down the days, and then there are those that are just worried and work as hard as they can, so i am trying to be like the second type. But no matter what it is scarry i have to leave home, to go home!
I hope all is going well at home, i love you all
Elder Paul

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