Thursday, June 17, 2010

June 7, 2010

I gave Elder Paul a bad time this week because my emails are always chatty and a little long and Ken's are pretty short. Ken, however, gets a special emails every week. I asked Elder Paul where mine was. :) This is that email:
Hey so here is teh letter dedicated to you. So Thank you so much for the emails every week. It realy is great to hear and talk to you every week. Well everything here is giong realy good. Mom I just want to tell you how much progress i have seen you make. You are doing great. Just keep it up. Something that i have realy been trying to do realy hard is to STOP, AND THINK. It is hard, we dont realy have it built into us to do this, but I realy like it. Even Our lord Jesus Christ did this. I like the storry when the people wanted to kill the woman who had commited adultry, i like that christ did not shoot rite back at them, and say listen guys.... no i like it because it said he knelt down and drew a figure in the sand, and then he replied. I think realy this can help us alot, but it is realy hard with the pride we have to do this. And that is the other thing that I have personally been trying to work on is being more humble. This is realy tough I know. We live in a world were we all want to be pridefull, everyone tells us to be pridefull, but i have realized the last little while when we try to change others, or try to force ourselves upone others, we are just being priderull. Well just a few thoughts but i want you to know i can see and hear the difference! I love you mom,
Elder Paul

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