Thursday, June 17, 2010

April 26, 2010

Hey Everyone,
Well this week was changes. I am still going to stay in the same area Ward Jacarandas in Irapuato, GTO. My companion left to the same area i started my mission in. He is still young, but i think we got him turned around, and he should be a realy good missionary. Well i am going to be District Leader this change, as well as I am going to be getting another Hijo (Kid) Yep that is rite im getting another greenie rite out of the MTC. Only problem is we are still waiting for them to get their visas so they can head this way. Oh and P.s. Elder Gray is in the same boat, he is D.L. and is getting an american kid. Life out here is still good, we had one baptism this past week. In total my hijo and i had 32 baptisms in the past 3 months we have been together, it was defintly a time feeled with lots of blessings.
Rite now we are working with about 30 investagators, it is a TON of work, but great. I think i almost have as many people i love here in MX as i do at home. Infact both of them realy feel like home now.
Well i am just going to relat a little storry i heard the other day. It was in spanish so i am going to try and translate. So there was a beautiful blue jay who lived in the top branches of the forest. He loved it there and loved to sing on his highest branch. One day he saw a stranger walking on the forest floor with a beautiful black box in his hands. Curiosity got the best of the blue jay, and he flew down perched on the man´s shoulder and asked him whaat was in the box. The man told him in the box he had juicy fat worms. The best worms that exsited. The bluy jay asked the man the cost of the worms. The man replied just one feather. The blue Jay thought and decided one feather in the place of working all day for a meal was a great oppurtunity. The blue jay found a small feather and plucked it out, yes it hurt badly, but soon the pain wasnt as great and as the man promised gave him a fat juicy worm. The blue jay flew back to his high branch pleased and full, and started to sing.
The next day the blue jay saw the man again, and repeating what he had done the day before got another worm. The blue jay continued this cycle day after day, soon the plucking of the feather did not hurt anymore, and he got a worm everyday, but he did notice it was getting harder and harder to fly up to his high branch. One day after trading one of his large wing feathers, the bird found he could no longer fly. He now had to hope on the ground, getting his feathers ruffled and dirty. The man no longer passed, for he had no use of this dirty bird, it was no more use to him. And the bird was left alone, without friends, and without hope.
I liked this story because sin is usualy the same way. We see something that looks good, at first it hurts, but afterwords we start to feel ok about it, and as we go on it gets easier and easier, until it becomes habbit. This is satan offering us something for us, if we are willing to break the commandments. SOmetimes the outcome feels good. But soon we will give up everything that realy makes us us. And then, when satan has no more use for us, when we are left withough hope...... he leaves.
Satan and sin are not friends. They are there to bring us down, they want us to be like him. But he is not a friend, when he has no more use for you..... he leaves.
Well hope you saw what i saw in the story!
I love you all,
Elder Paul

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