Tuesday, June 29, 2010

June 28, 2010

Well ya I have been thinking about Emilys wedding, and I dont agree, but I will suport her no matter what.  But I did write her a pretty big letter, and she has promised me that she will write me back today or tomorrow. 
Also sorry about the shoes, I could not believe when my tennis were all the way through and then today my shoes fell completly apart. I think and hope with the 50$ that that will be perfect, and so you know im going to try and by some tennisshoes and some work shoes. So that would be good and thanks! 
Mom dont worry about me not focusing, I was realy glad you told me, and I reealy am pretty good at just thinking about what I need to think about. You know how good I am at tuning things out! :D

I love you lots,
Elder Paul

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