Thursday, June 17, 2010

May 17, 2010

Hey everyone,
Well me and Elder Tew are working realy hard. It is realy sad, we had interviews this last week with President cox, and he told me that i am going to be heading out to leon the 30th for my next assignment as zone leader. It is sad because in total i only em going to get aobut 4 weeks with my companions, wich is realy tough, because he is one of my favorites. Well other than that we have been working realy hard to get baptisms set up. We have four tonight, we have 8 on Friday, we have 16 on the 26th, and we have one on the 28th. THey are all way great! i love these people and it is realy cool because most of them are family members of converts and just because they have seen the changes of in the lifes of people they love, they have all started to listening. Our biggest struggle is going to be for the 16 for the 26th there are four of them that are not married. One of the families can pay for the wedding, but we are trying to figure out some way to help the others out,or see if we can get like a deal for having so many :)!
But that is one of the favors i want to ask, but can you see if ben or someone can sell some of my car stereo stuff? It looks like im going to need a good amount of money to realy get this done, so if you guys could sell PLEASE anything of mine to get 200$ or so, that would help out alot. I know you all worry about selling my stuff, but please do it, it is for a much greater cause than me having a few toys when i get home. Also, and im sorry to ask for it, but i am down to my last 3 allergy pills. Is there anyway to send those? Thank you for everything.
Ok so to get a storry in here realy quick. So we are teaching a guy named Israyel. He is the one who is going to be baptised the 28th. Well one day i got up in the morning and told my companion that we are going to change the area were we are knocking. I knew kinda were i wanted to knock but i had no idea why, since we were having alot of success in our other area. Well we were walking and i saw the street and knew it was that street and then the first door we knocked a guy walked out and invited us in. He told us his sister was a member and invited us in. THe lesson went well, but at the end we wanted to finish with a prayer. Well somthing new that i have started doing is asking all the inv to offer the prayer after the first lesson, and we can help them. I find this realy helps bring the spirit, and the people are not scared to pray at night, and find out if it is true. Well he started to cry as he was praying the next day we came back and challenged him and he exepted. He then told us that his pregnant wife and him were both in an accident three years ago. That his wife and child both died. He said he never has found a point to life after that happened. He said he finaly feels like he has a reason to be hear, and told us we not only are saving his soal, but his life as well.
To make it even more, yesturday his sister who is a member saw her brother in church with us, when she asked him what he was doing he got a huge smile and told her he was preparing for his baptism. She started to cry. After she told us that she could not believe it, and knows for sure that miracles do happen.

For me this has been one of my favorite expiriences, i cant wait to send you picutrues of Israyel and his baptism. Please keep up the prayers!
Elder Paul

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