Thursday, June 17, 2010

June 7, 2010

Good day to all,
Well this week has been pretty crazy. I finatly got moved out of Irapuato. In total i finished up with about 10 months in that zone, and about 85 baptisms there, so it is great and i have alot of friends there. Now i am in the city of AguasCalientes, in teh state of AguasCalientes, and for you spanish speakers yes that does mean Hot Water, and yes the water is always pretty warm here, we dont even have to use a water heater. My new companion is Elder Su`a. I dont know if you remeber me talking about him, but we were together in Salamanca for a long time, and he is one of my favorite missionaries. We are zone leaders out here in the zone of Aguas Jardines. I cant believe how beautiful the city is! It is crazy they acturally have city people who come around and dump trash cans they have on every block! It is crazy it is cleans and smells good. And it is all built on rolling hills, so all though it is realy tough to walk around, it looks realy nice.
Lets see as far as teh work goes, we are going to be starting from scratch this week. The elders who were here in this area before, were both headed home, so the area realy got left alone, so it will be down to the ol grind again.
Other than that there is not too much new, i will try to send you all some picutres, 
I love you all
Elder Paul

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