Tuesday, August 11, 2009

August 3, 2009

Hey everyone!

Just to start out I am doing much better. I was very very sick from last SUnday until about Saturday. But I am now able to eat hard foods, and walk around alot more. I was also sent in last friday to have me "poop tests" Lets just say very very very aquard situation! Well I went in and got my test results today. It is a bit hard to read, and I will not have the official word till the Doctor travels down from Montery Mexico tomorrow, but from what my paper says it looks like it is a virus infeaction, a parasite, and some kind of cysts. That being said, please do not worry and call the President. I am sure he is going to call you in the next week or so to tell you all this over again, just figured I would give you the heads up!

Oh mom you asked how much weight I have lost. Well my new official weight is 223 pounds. And when I entered the MTC I was pushing 310 pounds. So I am at 87 pounds now! I just hope I can keep it all off when I get back.

So the last week or so has been REALY slow and I do not have much to fill you in on. But the week before we had another baptism. It was realy beautiful and the ward is growing way fast! It is great to be able to baptise people, and help them make that covanent with God. And it always does help me to remeber how many people are realy prepared to have the Gospel enter their lives and the lives of their families!

I am going to try and send some more pictures today, but I realy do not have many new ones to send I dont think. But I love you all, and cant wait to here from you all next week!


Elder Paul

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