Tuesday, August 11, 2009

July 20, 2009

Hey everyone!

It is me again! How is everyone and everything doing back at home. I have been veryy sick lattly. You see last Sunday I ate a chili that is called the CHili of seven soups. Because you can make seven pots of soups with this one very very tiny chili. Well it realy was not as bad as I imagined it being. Do not get me wrong, I was pretty teared up. But you see in the night time I ended up getting very very sick and have been since SUnday night. It is not too fun at all. I have to find a bathroom somewere about every hour or so.

Mom and Dad just so you know I did call Pres Coxes wife on Tuesday. And they told me just to start taking imodium. ANd then I realized on thursday I was out and did not have any money. That is why I wrote home to mom. I hope Dad you can find out what is up with the account, and why money is disapearing, and let me know if it is something that I am doing wrong.

How are all my brothers and sisters doing? What is everyone up to? Heidi said the pool got ruined, what happened? It is weird to think it was about a year ago that I was back there fixing the pool with dad isnt it?

Well things besides being so sick are going good, in my area. We had another baptism this last week in the lake. We tried to do it in the baptismal font in the church, but when the water came out, it was a weird greenish brown color. So we will be trying to get that cleaned up and fixed this next week, to be ready to baptise some kids next week. And do not worry, We have baptised quite a few people in this area, but everyone of them have not missed a week in church yet, and are happy as can be!THey love being here, and are just so so happy!

This man who was baptised this last Friday, used to be a very strong alcholic. And liked to smoke alot too. He could go weeks at a time being drunk out of his mind. Well with the help of this gospel, and his big heart, he now has about a month and a half with no alchol or tabaco, and says all though he has urges at times, he always knows he can pick up the book of mormon and start reading. (Just a nice peace of information on the side. It has been proven that people with addictions to anything, when they have that temptation, if they can not play with it in there head, and can restrain for 5 minutes, there mind will move past it) NIce to know ehh!

Well I love you all and thank you for all the prayers and fasting,. I know maybe everyone might not know why it is so needed, but it realy is, and thank you!

I love you all,

Elder Paul

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