Tuesday, August 11, 2009

July 28, 2009

Hey paul family,

it is elder gray, elder pauls friend and MTC companion. I am here to write today to let you know your son is all good, still cooking. I am here in the internet today with his companion because they couldnt write yesterday because elder paul was sick. Your son has got some stomach pains and threw up on sunday and monday morning. But actually is a lot better today. We called the president and got some medicine for him. He just cant walk around because he gets light headed. I am actually in the same district as elder paul so i came to help out. He asked me to write you guys real quick so you know that he is doing fine. Still his same goofy self.

Just know that i am here if you guys need anything, here is my email, and the number of my parents 907 225 3398 (it is in alaska) well yeah just know your son is a trooper and doing fine. And thanks for everything, without our parents we really would feel alone. thanks for everything and yeah i am sure your son will be live and kicking for tomorrow.


elder ryan gray

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