Tuesday, August 11, 2009

June 26, 2009

Hey everyone,

It me again. Well to tell the truth I dont have too much to write about this week. It was not too eventful this week. But I will do my best.

Well we baptised the lady in the lake last week, and her daughter and grandaguhter are preparing to be married. But we just found out that she is not married. So we are going to have to wait a week until she is married ligally to do her baptism. So that will be awesome. We are also working with someone else who just got out of jail. He got in trouble for trying to free his mom from prison, and he ended up with 7 years. He is now 24 and does not want a live like that anymore. He is going to be baptised this coming Tuesday.

Besides that I realy dont have much that I can write, and I have to go fill out alot of papers! SO this letter is going to be very short im sorry. But please everyone write me, and I will write a much bigger one next week!

Oh ya, so bad news. I was washing my basketball shoes the other day. We live on the third floor of our appartments. So I washed them and tied them onto the balcony to dry. Well some time during the day someone climbed up and cut off the laces and took the shoes. I still cant figure out how they did it.

And to make things even greater two days ago we got stoped by a gang. It usually is nothing, but these guys were a bit wacked in the head. They wanted my watch and my wallet. I was ready to fight them, but my comp told me in english just to do it. Well I handed them over. Luckily I didnt have my wallet, so that is good. THey just took the watch and like 20 bucks I had. Ha well dont worry at all mom, that hardly ever happens. The only hard part is that I dont have shoes now to exercise. I will be good to wait as long as you need. But if you and dad could send money some time that would be great. Im so sorry I keep needing money! And if you guys need to feel free to ebay some of my car sterio stuff to pay for it! I love you very much!

Also I need my glasses very badly. I am about halfway done reading Jesus the Christ but, I always have headaches afterwards! So if you can send those as weel that would be great! I love you mom!!

Elder Paul

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